Write your First Game in C++

By: Abhilekh Gautam

Are you tired of writing console based programs in C++ and want to use C++ for more fun, then this book is for you. At the end of this book you will have a fully fledged working 2D game for you.To write this game we will use olc::PixelGameEngine and some Modern C++.

For more about olc::PixelGameEngine visit here.

The entire source code of the game is available here.


  • A Simple Understanding of C++ would work. You should be aware of Inheritance in C++. We will try to use as much modern C++ as Possible.


Since we will be using olc::PixelGameEngine for this purpose we will need to set it up. This won't be covered in this book as everything about that is available in its official docs.

For Linux

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For Windows

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